The artist Eliza Brandt in front of the triptych ”Create!” at the entrance of Älta Cultural Centre, Nacka City, Stockholm.

About Eliza   


”The principal concept for my current work concerns abstract art. I find inspiration in nature from its colours and also from my own emotions. My paintings in oil and acrylic are suggestive, abstract with elements of the figurative. Motion, different moods, imaginative works showing energy, power and movement!”


Eliza Brandt works with abstract paintings preferably in large scale and textile based applications. She is concerned with issues such as the question of hope for humanity and to have faith in a bright future.


Born 1965, based in Stockholm. She has practiced the field of art and design for the last twelve years in Sweden and Denmark. She appproaches her work with innovation, carefullly choosing materials and techniques.


Colour is very important to Eliza and her paintings and textiles are full of bright colours.


Working from her Stockholm Studio, Eliza is continually involved in a variety of projects. She divides her time between artistic commissions, her own concept-based work for exhibitions and designs for interior textiles.



Concept-based Artwork


With the Guardian Angel series, my intentions has been to investigate the idea of making my own version of an angel and also more about caring between people. The resultat is a series of four small angels in mixed media and three monumental paintings of angels resulting in screen printing on textile.


In the art work Create! the motif of the work Guitar Man has been used again in the middle painting.


•  Guardian Angel, 2009 >>

 Guardian Angels in textile, 2011/2013 >>

 Guitar Man, 2006 >>
 Create!, 2011 >>

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